Upgraded Banknotes Go Into Circulation August 20

Created 16 Aug, 2007
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" The Central Bank of Barbados wishes to remind the public that upgraded Barbadian banknotes will go into circulation on August 20, 2007.

“We are staying aligned with international best practice and upgrading our notes so that Barbadian currency will remain secure,” said Victor Springer, Deputy Governor, Operations. “Although the appearance of the notes will not change significantly, it is still important that Barbadians become familiar with the security features and understand how they work.” 

The $2, $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes with the enhanced features will be issued first.

Among those new and upgraded features:
1. A small watermark-type image has been added to the right of the map of Barbados watermark. On $2, $5, and $10 notes, the image is of the broken trident, while on $20 and $50 notes, the image is of the Pride of Barbados flower.

2. Two easily distinguishable threads have replaced the threads that have been used in previous issues:
i. On $2, $5 and $10 notes, the thread is partially visible when lying flat. It is highly reflective and is wave-like in design with the text “CBB” and the note’s denomination printed on it. When held up to light, the thread becomes complete.

ii. On the $20 and $50, the thread is partially visible when lying flat. It is wider and less reflective than previous threads, but like them is printed with the text “CBB” and the note’s denomination. When held up to light, the thread becomes a solid line. Under UV light, the thread fluoresces blue and the text fluoresces yellow.

3. The numeral on the top left corner of the note is significantly raised above the surface of the paper, giving the paper a unique feel. The raised surface of the numeral will also allow different denominations to be more easily identified by the visually impaired.

4. On the $20 and $50 note, the Coat of Arms and the waves near the flying fish in the centre of the banknote fluoresce green and yellow under UV light.

The Central Bank advises that despite the introduction of upgraded banknotes, older issues will remain in circulation. “Barbadians can continue to use these notes in daily transactions as they remain legal tender,” explained Springer.

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