The Central Bank of Barbados enhances the presentation of its on-line statistics. Users should find accessibility more user-friendly. More...

Created 04 Nov, 2010
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Users of the Central Bank of Barbados’ statistics can now access them more easily.

The Bank announced today that anyone can download from its website – – most of its statistical data in Excel format. The longest series at the highest frequency is posted on the site, so that persons can more conveniently download information on a range of frequently-requested information.

In announcing this change in the presentation, the Bank said that the new format is in keeping with international standards. The statistical information on the website is definitely more user-friendly and much easier to manipulate. The use of Excel, rather than pdf, facilitates maneuverability, and the inclusion of graphs definitely enhances the presentation.

Yet another feature of this enhancement is the more timely publication of the information, as it is uploaded as soon as it becomes available, rather than monthly or annually as occurred in the past.  

The data in the Economic and Financial Statistics (EFS) is available in the new format and cover more than 600 variables, pertaining to the monetary authorities, commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, interest rates, securities, public finance, foreign trade and general statistics. Persons downloading the data can choose variables by selecting the period of interest and/or the preferred frequency, i.e. monthly, quarterly or annually.

And very soon the statistics contained in the Statistical Digest (ASD) and the Balance of Payments (BOP) Survey will be integrated into this format.

The Bank has provided statistics to Government and the public since its establishment in 1972.  The Research and Economic Analysis Department, formerly the Research Department (READ), collects, compiles and processes this statistical data from original and secondary sources such as commercial banks, trust companies, the Government Statistical Office, Central Government and statutory bodies, as well as from the Bank’s own departments.

Historically, this information was prepared and published in hardcopy in the monthly Economic and Financial Statistics, the Statistical Digest or the Balance of Payments, both of which are produced annually.  The Bank has discontinued the hard copy publication of these statistics and instead is publishing all of the   statistical information on-line.

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October 6, 2010


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