Remarks by Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr.DeLisle Worrell, On the Occasion of the Handing Over of the Pool Lift to the Barbados Aquatic Centre

Created 08 Feb, 2014
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Remarks by Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr.DeLilse Worrell
On the Occasion of the Handing Over of the Pool Lift
to the Barbados Aquatic Centre

The Central Bank family is especially pleased to be associated with the Barbados Aquatic Centre in providing this lift to ensure access to the pool by the differently able, as we now appropriately refer to our friends and colleagues who need special facilities of this kind.

As you know, for all of the 40 years of its existence the Bank has been very conscious of the fact that we exist in the community, and that to do our job efficiently, we must behave as responsible and enthusiastic members of that community. We have therefore been active in sports and culture right from the outset. Our first Governor, Sir Courtney Blackman, is especially proud of the Frank Collymore Hall, a lasting legacy to the nation, and a memorial to a literary giant who made the way for a still growing company of writers and dramatists in Barbados and across the region.
Over the years we have been involved with many other cultural and social activities, including annual events such as the Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture, several events during the Crop Over season, and the Frank Collymore Literary Award, as well as one-off efforts such as this pool lift.

We are especially pleased with our contribution in providing this pool lift for two other reasons.
The second is because of what occasioned our interest in the venture, that is, the visit with the Central Bank of one of the most influential economists of our time, Dr. C. Fred Bergsten, our very first Distinguished Visiting Fellow, and his gracious and charming wife, Jenny.

We are privileged to have them with us, and happy to do everything we can to enhance their enjoyment while they are here.
Swimming is Jenny's passion, and we were quite determined to make sure she would have our best facilities at her disposal.

Thirdly, this helps our economy. You may have heard me say that sports is one of the ways we can enhance Barbados' tourism product and make it more competitive. This pool lift makes a small contribution to broadening the appeal of this Olympic pool. It is a happy coincidence that our little ceremony today comes hard on the heels of an event to promote the availability of wheelchair accessible facilities at the Bridgetown port. We are recognising that the provision of such facilities enhances the quality of our tourism services, and therefore makes us more competitive in the international market.
Our thanks go to the Insurance Corporation of Barbados, who have partnered with us in meeting the cost of this installation, to the management of this facility, for their interest and enthusiasm in providing this service, and to the installers, for timely and efficient delivery.
It was our great pleasure to have provided this service. I'm sure you will take good care of it.
Please enjoy.

Feb 8th, 2014

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