Governor's Remarks at the Opening of St. Michael’s Cathedral Flower Show

Created 26 Sep, 2014
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Remarks by Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor, Central Bank of Barbados,
Opening of St. Michael’s Cathedral Flower Show

September 26, 2014

I try never to forget, in everything that we do, that the Central Bank of Barbados belongs to the people of Barbados, and we who work there are the servants of the public of Barbados. Like all of civilization, Barbados is what it is, and Barbadians are who we are, because of our history, and the history of our institutions. That is why we are all so immensely proud of our churches, and all the associations they bring to mind. Our churches enrich our landscape with their elegance, provide calm spaces for reflection and revival of the spirit, and carry a large and visible share of the evidence of our remarkable history. They are an essential part of who we are.
Right from the time this Headquarters building was opened, the Central Bank has considered ourselves part of the community in this corner of Bridgetown. So naturally we try to respond positively whenever our neighbours reach out to us, as on this occasion. I am personally extremely fond of St Michael's Cathedral. One of my lasting memories of Harrison College was when the school choir, of which I was then a member, rehearsed and performed Stainer's Crucifixion, at this cathedral, with the help of the Cathedral choir. Much later, when I returned to Barbados as Director of Research at Central Bank in 1973, one of my weekend pleasures was visiting churches, taking photos of the architecture, stained glass windows, and perhaps most interesting of all, the inscriptions on the gravestones and memorials. Stored somewhere in my basement are photos of St Michael's as it was then.
One other personal note: I love the pipe organ, the emperor of all musical instruments, and I recall with nostalgia when my dear friend and Dean Frank's predecessor, Dean Harold Crichlow, hosted monthly concerts by the world's foremost organists.
Let me therefore thank the organisers for affording me this opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, and to say how happy we are at Central Bank to contribute in a small way to the ongoing work of our Cathedral, and to the full restoration of its former glory. Our involvement with you is a duty, an honour, a privilege, and our very great pleasure.


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