Central Banking in Barbados : reflections and challenges

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Created 02 Jul, 1998
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Edited by Harold Codrington, Roland Craigwell, Cleviston Haynes
Central Bank of Barbados, 1997. 238 p.
ISBN 976-602-048-5

1. Macroeconomic policy. 2. Central banking – Developing countries.

Title page /Table of Contents / Foreword / Acknowledgement / Contributors

Harold Codrington, Roland C. Craigwell and Cleviston Haynes

Economic Research at the Central Bank of Barbados
Harold Codrington

The Practice of Central Banking in Barbados: An Interpretation of the first fifteen years
Courtney Blackman

Role Models for monetary policy in the Caribbean: Comparing Caricom central banks
DeLisle Worrell

Some microeconomic implications of domestic financial liberalization in emerging markets
Mary G. Zephirin

Lessons from Barbados’ experience with the International Monetary Fund
Cleviston Haynes

Domestic and external influences on Barbados’ public debt
Daniel Boamah and Cleviston Haynes

Money and capital markets in Barbados: A challenge of small size
Marion Williams

Challenges for long-stay tourism beyond 2000
Peter Whitehall

Stormy weather: Economic forecasting at the Central Bank of Barbados
Roland C. Craigwell

Challenges to Information Provision: The Library
Maxine Williams

Central Bank’s data sources and resources: The challenges
Muriel Saunders and Celeste Wood

Bibliography of published works of the staff of the Central Bank of Barbados
Roland C. Craigwell and Aldeen Payne

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