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Created 11 Nov, 2016
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Economic, the new bi-annual magazine published by the Central Bank of Barbados, has come in for praise from readers.

The magazine, which was launched in September 2016, is intended to educate the public about Barbados’ economy and how it works in a non-technical, innovative way. At the time of the launch, Novaline Brewster, the Public Affairs Officer at the Central Bank said, “The focus is on how the economy and economic policies impact the average Barbadian. It also gives insight into how and why certain decisions are made and about how broader events, both local and international, impact us as a country. demystifies economics and tells you what you need to know using straightforward language and dynamic images and illustrations.”

Since its launch, the magazine has been well-received, with many commenting on its attractive cover and other visuals, its readability, and its tackling of topical issues:

“I must tell you that I'm very impressed with this publication. It's informative, visually appealing and the content… let's just say that I am taking my time to read everything! Normally, something coming from the Central Bank is all about Economics. Don't get me wrong I love the subject (I have a degree in Economics), but for the average reader it can be boring. This is NOT! Well done.

Gail King, Barbados.


“The document is a refreshing departure from the current narrative that paints a negative picture of Barbados. Dr. Worrell’s article on 50 years of Barbadian achievement demonstrates clearly the long path that we have travelled and the significant progress that we have made. I am particularly pleased by your statement that “Barbadians have every reason to celebrate our country’s achievements over the past 50 years, not out of a spirit of triumphalism, but because our past performance gives us the self-confidence, the energy and the enthusiasm to tackle today’s challenges”. The document also identifies some of our icons of success and shows clearly the remarkable talent that is in the Barbadian population. I hope that future issues will continue to emphasize the positives of Barbados and I congratulate you and your colleagues on the production of an outstanding product. I will share it with Barbadian students here in China and with key members of the community here.”

Dr. Chelston Brathwaite, Barbados Ambassador to China.


“The publication provided easy reading of economic issues relating to Barbados particularly that of our stance on devaluation of the Barbados dollar. I am sure this article will bring much comfort to the diaspora and to investors who have given thought to doing business in our beloved country.

Congratulations to Governor Worrell and staff.”

Mr. Keith “Tony” Marshall, Barbados Ambassador to the United Nations.


“What a great journal. Love the design and content, especially Sherri Bishop’s piece on the new [banknote] designs! Keep me on the mailing list.”

Matt West, De La Rue, UK.


“I was very impressed by the excellent design. Aside from the Governor’s piece, I enjoyed the spotlight on Nicholas Brathwaite and reading Rihanna’s feature, of course. Congratulations on this excellent product.”

Soledad Contreras, Euromoney Magazine.

Economic is a free publication and is available in print as well as online at

The next edition will be published in February 2017.


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