Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture Transcript

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Created 06 Dec, 2016
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"The essence of colonialism is alienation, and the core of the de-colonial project, which every citizen should claim, is to dis-alienate ourselves, to wrest our eyes away from the spectacle of ourselves through others' eyes, to bring us into an intimate, loving and creative relationship with each other and our environment. Every one of should know the soils of this island, its architecture and the parts of its economy, the name and nature of every plant and animal, every part of the pain and heroism of our history. Our economists should harness those feats of domestic economy through which generations of women wrested survival for their families. Every one of us should know what we share with our Caribbean neighbours, with whom we retain a rendezvous with destiny. These are the resources through which we will be able to build new paths towards our independence."

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