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Created 20 Mar, 2017
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Economic, the magazine which the Central Bank of Barbados launched in late 2016, has won a Gold Award from the American Advertising Federation in its Caribbean district. The ADDY, as the award is known, is for Magazine Design. The magazine will now compete in Regional category, which also includes magazines from the United States.

Novaline Brewster, the Central Bank’s Public Affairs Officer, who is also a member of the magazine’s editorial team, was enthusiastic about the win. “We are thrilled to hear that the magazine resonated with such a prominent international body,” she said. “From the outset we wanted to use compelling graphics along with straightforward language to appeal to a broader audience than typical Economics-focused offerings do. This award says that we have achieved our goal.”

Since its launch back in September last year, the first edition of Economic, which features an artist’s rendering Bajan superstar Rihanna in her iconic Met Gala dress on its cover, has received praise for its layout and content. Local blog Skip to Malou said of the magazine:

When an economic publication is 'disguised' as a quality magazine, someone is doing something right. A number of people have picked up the inaugural edition of Economic by the Central Bank of Barbados thinking it was a new lifestyle magazine, only to discover that it's packed full of interesting, easy to read articles and insight on the Barbados economy, complemented with beautiful illustrations.”

International readers have also weighed in:

“What a great journal. Love the design and content, especially Sherri Bishop’s piece on the new [banknote] designs! Keep me on the mailing list.” - Matt West, De La Rue, UK.

“I was very impressed by the excellent design. Aside from the Governor’s piece, I enjoyed the spotlight on Nicholas Brathwaite and reading Rihanna’s feature, of course. Congratulations on this excellent product.” - Soledad Contreras, Euromoney Magazine.

Brewster also praised Media Support International (MSI), a local communications firm that works with the Central Bank to produce the magazine. “Roxanne Gibbs-Brancker and her team have really used their expertise to help us to produce a top class magazine. And our second edition, which will be out at the end of March, will feature even more eye-catching images and interesting articles.” The focus of that issue will be renewable energy.


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