Alternative Energy is in Focus in the New Economic

Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 06 Apr, 2017
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Alternative energy is in focus in the second edition of Economic The magazine, which is published by the Central Bank of Barbados, is available now.

Novaline Brewster, Public Affairs Officer at the Central Bank, explained why the magazine chose this particular theme. “Relying more heavily on renewable energy sources will not only allow us to generate electricity in a more environmentally conscious way, but it also has the potential to transform our economy by saving us foreign exchange. It is definitely something that we need to highlight.”


Brewster, who is also a member of the editorial team, previewed some of the articles in the publication. “We have stories about photovoltaics, wind energy, and electric vehicles. We share the experience of another small nation, Seychelles, which has committed to 100 percent renewable energy generation and is already making significant progress. And we pay tribute to Professor Oliver Headley, a true pioneer in the development and promotion of solar energy.”

Beyond renewable energy, the new edition will cover an array of topics, from the rise of street food to digital currencies. “We have a piece with Akela Jones that sheds light on the cost of being a professional athlete; we look at the economics of Crop Over; and profile Barbadian conglomerate, Goddard Enterprises Limited,” Brewster added. “There’s something for everyone in this magazine, and I promise our readers that this issue is even more dynamic and visually appealing than the first one.” The inaugural issue of Economic recently won an ADDY award for magazine design in the American Advertising Federation’s Caribbean district.

Economic Insight is a free publication. It is available online at or in print at select locations around the island.


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