Acting Governor Haynes' Remarks at the Launch of the Crop Over Visual Arts Exhibition 2017

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Created 26 Jun, 2017
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I am delighted to welcome you to the Grande Salle and to the Crop Over Visual Arts Festival, the 23rd edition, sponsored by the Central Bank of Barbados and the National Cultural Foundation. It is an exhibition to which I look forward as over the years, I have been intrigued by the many interpretations and representations provided by our artists.

Given the diversity of your efforts, congratulations are in order for all the participating artists for your contribution to this year’s very provocative theme “In Search of a Barbadian Aesthetic”. You have, through your artistic renderings, gallantly sought to preserve our heritage by capturing the Barbadian mores.

 At a time when the debate about nationalism versus globalism is raging at home and abroad, we are appreciative of the use of your artistic energies to capture our imagination and awaken our consciousness about things that are truly Barbadian. You have done so using an array of imaginative concepts, creations and colour. Thank you for these glimpses into your perspective of how we as a nation and as a people can and should safeguard aspects of our cultural identity despite our small size, openness and proclivity to adapt to external influences.  Congratulations.

Throughout the lifespan of this exhibition, our artists have impressed us with their artistic output, and we in the Bank remain committed to sponsoring this exhibition during the island’s premier cultural festival. The Bank has always maintained a profound interest in promoting Barbados’ artistic capabilities, while recognizing their economic potential, be it the visual, literary, or performing arts.

 I am told that this exhibition continues to attract both the experienced and the younger artists. I extend a very special welcome to those artists who are exhibiting with us for the first time and to the veterans, welcome back. The coalition of the elders and the youth is desirable and augurs well for the sustainability of the exhibition, and the art form.  Such an alliance serves as a platform for artists to learn from each other; assures organic succession in the industry and exposes visitors to the exhibition to the fusion of traditional and modern artistic techniques.

I am pleased to announce that for the first time ever twelve (12) central bankers who recently completed an in-house class in photography, sponsored by our Sports and Cultural Club, will exhibit their work alongside the professional artists. This is a welcomed initiative.  

Visual Healing, the photography display in the Exchange, located on  Spry Street, presents images of our island Barbados, in all its splendor and beauty, occasionally tested by the passage of time.  I am assured that it’s a very impressive depiction! I encourage you to visit, and I commend my employees’ participation in this national event.

These auxiliary elements in this Festival strengthen the exhibition’s appeal, encourage wider participation and involvement, and afford aspiring visual artists the opportunity to showcase their work.

The Crop Over Visual Arts Festival gives prominence to the visual arts in the country’s main cultural festival when thousands of visitors and returning nationals are in Barbados, and adds an important dimension to an event that is dominated by music. We must therefore sustain it. Encourage your friends and family to visit the Grande Salle, the Exchange and Pelican Village where the craft component of the Festival is on show. Encourage them to support the artists.

Finally, congratulations to the National Cultural Foundation for staging this exhibition of which locals and visitors alike can be justifiably proud. To all you artists, as you produce your craft remember that as Van Gogh said: “Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together”.

Have an enjoyable and safe Crop Over Season, and a successful CARIFESTA XIII.

I thank you.

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