Introducing the Barbados Trident Coin Programme

Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 06 Oct, 2017
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The Central Bank of Barbados has entered into a new agreement with Scottsdale Mint that will see the Arizona-based company produce, market and sell souvenir coins featuring Barbadian imagery.

Under the “Barbados Trident Coin Programme” the mint will produce four coins – two in fine (.999) silver and two in fine (.9999) gold – all of which will feature the broken trident, a symbol of the island’s independence. The broken trident is featured prominently on the national flag and was also found on the one cent circulation coin from 1973 until 2014, when that denomination was discontinued.

Unlike coins from the Central Bank’s regular numismatic programme, which include the 50th Anniversary of Independence and the Barbados: Home of the Masters cricket coins, the Trident Coins will not be sold in Barbados, but collectors can purchase them online from the Scottsdale Mint, by emailing

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