Orthodox Policies and Macroeconomic Adjustment in Small States: A Tale of Two Cities

Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 24 Jul, 2018
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As Barbados prepares to enter into an International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, regional economist Dr. Wendell Samuel reflects on the experiences of two other small nations, Antigua and Barbuda and the Seychelles, and looks at how Barbados can learn from their experiences.

Wendell Samuel, a national of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, was Deputy Division Chief in the IMF’s African Department prior to assuming the position of CARTAC Program Coordinator. He also served as Deputy Division Chief in the Caribbean II Division in the Western Hemisphere Department, and the IMF’s Regional Resident Representative for the ECCU during 2010-2012. Mr. Samuel holds Bachelor and Master in Economics degrees from the University of the West Indies, and a Ph.D. in Economics from New York University. Before joining the IMF, Dr. Samuel was Senior Director of Research and Information at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, and a lecturer in the Department of Economics at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies.


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